East Lancashire criminals caught on camera

A ROGUES’ gallery of shoplifters and petrol thieves captured on CCTV security cameras has been released by police.

The offenders range from a man dressed in a ‘onesie’ stealing two bottles of cider from an off-licence in Brennand Street, Burnley, to a couple stealing six jars of coffee from the Spar store in Netherfield Road, Nelson.

Police have also issued images of other suspects from across Burnley and Pendle.

On June 5 a man walked into the Brighthouse store on St James’ Street in Burnley, posing as a customer. He browsed the shop for five minutes before selecting a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, worth around £300, concealing it in his jumper and leaving the store without making any attempt to pay.

On May 28 at around 11.30pm the wing mirror of a Nissan Primera parked outside St Cuthbert’s Church hall on Sharp Street in Burnley was damaged.

Also in Burnley, on May 5, two men went into the self-service store on Brennand Street, and picked up two bottles of cider each, leaving the store without paying. One of the men was stopped but the other left with two bottles of Frosty Jack’s cider.

In Rawtenstall, a man was caught on CCTV on June 12 stealing items worth around £600 from Boots the chemist on Bank Street. He walked around the shop taking various items, including make up and suncream, off the shelf and stuffing them into his clothing.

A man and a woman were also caught on CCTV stealing chocolate from Wilkinsons in Nelson on June 6. The woman held a bag open while the man put seven boxes of chocolate worth around £95 inside.

On May 14 a man and a woman also stole six jars of coffee worth £5.19 each from Spar on Netherfield Road in Nelson. The man put the jars of Nescafe down his trousers while the woman stood guard.

On June 3 a third male and female shoplifting team were captured on CCTV at the Razas Superstore on Railway Street in Nelson. The man and woman entered together, and while she paid for her shopping, he secreted items worth around £10 into his own carrier bag, and left without paying.

Nelson was also hit by two petrol thieves. On June 3 a man filled up his grey Peugeot 306 at the busy Shell garage on Manchester Road, then left without paying for £68.63 worth of fuel. And on June 16 at Hollin Bank service station on the outskirts of town a man fuelled a grey Vauxhall Vectra with £60 worth of diesel and drove off immediately without paying.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police on 101.

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